Jeon Hyo Sung Cushion

How much? $60.99 Where from?
Check it out!

Jeon Hyo Sung CushionIf you don’t have anyone to hug and you’re lonely at night you should be getting this right now. This product is a pillow with a picture of a Secret member Jeon Hyo Sung. It is an official merchandise from her solo hit song ‘Good-night kiss’ goods.

The size of this cushion is 26 x 45 cm. It has a black caption with the title of her song on it.

After buying this you can be sure you will have (maybe not a ‘good night kiss’) a ‘good night sleep’. It costs $60.99 so it’s a fair price when you consider it as an official good from ‘Top Secret’.

If you need a bigger pillow you will be interested in this Hyeri (Girl's Day) Long Pillow.

How much? $60.99
Where from?
Check it out!
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