Hyeri (Girl's Day) Long Pillow

How much? $75 Where from?
Check it out!

Hyeri (Girl's Day) Long Pillow FrontThe product you can see here is a long pillow with the lovely picture of Hyeri from Girl’s Day. You will certainly sleep better when you buy it.

It has one big sexy photo of Hyeri in front and three smaller in the back. It can be opened by a zipper. The biggest advantage to this pillow is its size. It’s 65 cm (25.6 inches) long and 25 cm (9.85 inches) wide. It’s perfect when you want to hug someone but there’s nobody around at the moment. This item is probably the most suitable for all male fans of KPop.

You can get it for only $75. You will also get a Girl’s Day sticker as a gift.

If you need a smaller pillow you can always buy this Jeon Hyo Sung cushion.

Hyeri (Girl's Day) Long Pillow Back

How much? $75
Where from?
Check it out!
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