Big Bang Keyboard

How much? $33.94 Where from?
Check it out!

Big Bang KeyboardAre you a KPop fan? Do you have this dull feeling whenever you’re looking at your PC keyboard? Don’t worry. Purchasing this product will solve all your problems.

What you can see here is a cool keyboard that will make your life before your monitor more fun. It has an image of T.O.P from Big Bang.  

It’s a standard keyboard so it doesn’t have Korean letters on it. Nevertheless it’s worth buying it especially if you don’t have to use Korean language in typing. Unfortunately there’s a possibility you’ll forget about your work and end up staring at T.O.P instead of the keys.

If you like this product and you’re looking for something more to put it on your desk and use it with your computer you can get the pink Exo mouse here (or black if you don’t like pink).

How much? $33.94
Where from?
Check it out!
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