How much? $19.99 Where from?
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EXO LED MouseIf you are an Exo fan and you’re quite bored about what you can find on your desk before your computer then this is the item just for you. Why use the old fashioned typical mouse when you can have this stylish pink beauty with glowing Exo logo on it.

The product you’re seeing here is a cool ultra-thin optical mouse with telescopic line (length 0.7 meters). You can connect it to your computer via an USB port. It has a good touch feeling and low-key click sound. The size of this mouse is 95 x 52 x 22 mm.

It’s best for your personal use or you can just give it as a present to one of your friends. The satisfaction is guaranteed.

You can buy it for only $19.99. If you prefer different color maybe you'll be interested in this - EXO LED Mouse Miracle in December.

How much? $19.99
Where from?
Check it out!
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