YG Family Krung Plush Toy

How much? $104.99 Where from?
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YG Family Krung Plush ToyWhat you can see here is a plush toy from YG Entertainment. But what exactly is Krunk? It is a company which teamed up with YG Entertainment and created this toy and a series of beautiful art toy figurines.  You can visit this Instagram account and get to know this bear a little bit more.

What you will get is a blue teddy bear in a white T-shirt with a black logo ‘YG Family’. Additionally you will get cool accessories.

Every accessory is related to one of the YG Entertainment stars. With one of these you can decorate your Krunk and show the people around who your bias is. This is the list of what you will get: torch symbolizing Big Bang, glasses – Psy, cap – Epik High, scarf – 2NE1, small pink bear with inscription ‘I Love Hi’ – Lee Hi, guitar - Akdong Musician, mouth mask – Winner. This adds up to 7 different things you can use for making your bear even more awesome.

The bear is maybe not the cheapest KPop merchandise you can get but certainly it’s one of the most original and satisfying. Especially if you are a YG fan.

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YG Family Krung Plush Toy WINNERYG Family Krung Plush Toy 2NE1

YG Family Krung Plush Toy All in One

How much? $104.99
Where from?
Check it out!
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