KPop Logo Umbrella

How much? $15.99 Where from?
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KPop Logo UmbrellaThis will be very handy when you decide to go for a walk on a rainy day. What you can see here is an umbrella with logos of your favourite KPop artists. It’s a very nice merchandise if you want to be original on the streets. This will not only protect you from water but also help to promote the music you love.

You can chose the band you like from four available – Beast, Big Bang, Exo (two different types), F.T.Island. You’ll get an colored umbrella with four logos on it plus one logo on its case. It also has a logo on a holder. Big Bang’s and two kind of Exo’s umbrellas are black while Beast’s is grey and F.T.Island’s is yellow. The last one is the most obvious if you want to be noticed on the streets.

The good thing is the umbrella is very affordable. You can get one for only $15.99.

KPop Logo Umbrella F.T.Island

KPop Logo Umbrella Details

How much? $15.99
Where from?
Check it out!
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