Infinite Hoodie Be Back Style

How much? $26.99 Where from?
Check it out!

Infinite Hoodie Be Back StyleIf you are an Infinite fan you will be happy to buy this awesome hoodie. This piece of fashion is what the boys wore in MV for ‘Come Back’ – it’s black and has big white logo on the back. This jacket has a big pocket in the front and is opened by a zipper.

There are five sizes available: S (shoulder: 42 cm, chest: 96 cm, length: 63 cm, sleeve: 58), M (shoulder: 43 cm, chest: 102 cm, length: 67 cm, sleeve: 60), L (shoulder: 46 cm, chest: 106 cm, length: 70 cm, sleeve: 62), XL (shoulder: 48 cm, chest: 114 cm, length: 73 cm, sleeve: 64), XXL (shoulder: 52 cm, chest: 120 cm, length: 76 cm, sleeve: 66).

You can easily pick your size and make a purchase. It costs only $27.99. Believe me – if you buy it you won’t regret it.

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Infinite Hoodie Be Back Style MV Frame

How much? $26.99
Where from?
Check it out!
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