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GOT7 Star Collection Card Set
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GOT7 Star Collection Card SetJYP Entertainment released this wonderful set of GOT7 Star Collection Cards. It contains ten packs of cards, every pack has five randomly selected cards. You will get a total number of 50 cards chosen from 47 standard types and 43 rare types.

Standard Cards :
1. Neon line cards
2. Portrait cards
3. Dark name cards
4. Pastel cards
5. Modern frame cards
6. Natural cards
7. Puzzle cards

Rare Cards :
1. Aurora cards
2. Water color cards
3. Hologram cards
4. Silver stamping cards
5. Pop-up standing cards
6. GOT7 members signed cards

Please notice that the whole set may contain duplicated cards.

If you’re interested in this great merchandise you can purchase it for $39.99.

GOT7 Star Collection Card Set - Details

How much? $39.99
Where from? ▼
Check it out!
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