GOT7 Signature Necklace

How much? $26.99 Where from?
Check it out!

GOT7 Signature Necklace - Bambamjdfldkjk kIf you’re looking for a perfect gift for a KPop/GOT7 fan this is something you would definitely buy. This beautiful necklace stylized as a signature the nicest item to have or to give to someone.

You can get one of your favourite GOT7 members – JB, Mark, Jackson, Jr., Youngjae, Bambam or Yugyeom. Additionally you will get one photo card from 63 available.

The price for this official merchandise is only $26.99. Here are the links to the product’s pages of every member:








GOT7 Signature Necklace - JacksonGOT7 Signature Necklace - Mark

GOT7 Signature Necklace - JBGOT7 Signature Necklace - JB

How much? $26.99
Where from?
Check it out!
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