EXO Exodus Necklace

How much? $8.99 Where from?
Check it out!

EXO Exodus NecklaceIf you’re still excited about the latest ‘Call Me Baby’/’Love Me Right’ EXO comeback and you want to have something related to this event you can buy yourself this little gift. This Exodus necklace is perfect for the occasion.

The size of this elegant pendant is 24 x 24 mm and it comes with a beautiful gift box. You can purchase it for only $8.99.

If you’re looking for something different than you should be interested in this EXO Overdose Titanium Necklace. Please be sure to also check out our KPop jewelry category.


EXO Exodus Necklace Side

EXO Exodus Necklace BackEXO Exodus Necklace Front

EXO Exodus Necklace SizeEXO Exodus Necklace Gift Box

How much? $8.99
Where from?
Check it out!
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