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How much? $10.78 Where from?
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EXO DressIf you are a girl and you’re looking for an original outfit that can help you demonstrate how big Exo fan you are this is the most suitable product you can find. Or if you want to make a cover of your favourite Exo song there will be nothing more adequate to wear than this.

The outfit you’re looking at is a white Exo style dress with a black name of your bias and a number on it. You can choose between 12 members (with corresponding number): Kris – 00, Xiu Min – 99, Luhan – 7, Lay – 10, Chen – 21, Tao – 68, Suho – 1, Chanyeol – 61, D.O – 12, Baekhyun – 4, Kai – 88, Sehun – 94.

It comes in 4 sizes so you will not have a to worry if it will fit you or not – S (length:  61 cm, chest:  88 cm, shoulder: 38 cm), M (length:  62 cm, chest:  94 cm, shoulder: 43 cm), L (length:  67 cm, chest:  100 cm, shoulder: 46 cm), XL (length:  68 cm, chest:  112 cm, shoulder: 51 cm).

The good thing is this dress is very affordable – it costs just $12.08. Great satisfaction for a small price.

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EXO Dress Front

EXO Dress BackEXO Dress Details

How much? $10.78
Where from?
Check it out!
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