BTS (Bangtan Boys) T-shirt

How much? $13.50 Where from?
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BTS (Bangtan Boys) T-shirt If you’re looking for a nice t-shirt to wear this summer you’ll be satisfied as the owner of this wonderful piece of fashion.

What you can see here is a black BTS t-shirt made of cotton. It has a BTS logo on front and a big white ‘BTS’ caption + name of your bias (Jimi, Jin, V, Jung Kook, Suga, Rap Monster or J-Hope) on the back.

It’s unisex so anyone can wear it, it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl. You can choose your size from five available (difference: 0.4 – 0.8 inches) – S (Shoulder: 16.5, Chest: 37.8, Length: 24.0), M (Shoulder: 17.3, Chest: 39.4, Length: 24.8), L (Shoulder: 18.1, Chest: 40.9, Length: 25.6), XL (Shoulder: 18.9, Chest: 42.5, Length: 26.4), XXL (Shoulder: 19.7, Chest: 44.1, Length: 27.2).

The price of this item went down by 24% so you can purchase it now for only $12.99.

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BTS (Bangtan Boys) T-shirt - JiminBTS (Bangtan Boys) T-shirt - Rap Monster

How much? $13.50
Where from?
Check it out!
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