2PM Class of 2PM Tumbler

How much? $67.99 Where from?
Check it out!

2PM Class of 2PM TumblerThis is another piece of KPop merchandise available from JYP Entertainment. As always it’s eye-candy and looks insanely stylish. This time it’s 2PM tumbler from ‘Class of 2PM’ fan meeting.

Is there a better container for you coffee, tea or whatever you like than this? I don’t think so. You can choose one of two colors available – black or white.

The price for this piece of art is $67.99 but I can assure you – you and your coffee will be very satisfied.

If you’re after something different for your favourite beverage than this you can check out this Big Bang Tumbler. If you're looking for a present - maybe in more affordable price - you can always check out this gift category and I'm sure you'll find something that will meet your expectations.

How much? $67.99
Where from?
Check it out!
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